• The Graeco-Latin Square and Hyper Graeco-Latin Square Designs

    W.H. Moolman

    Walter Sisulu University, Mthatha, South Africa.

    As an experimental design model the Graeco-Latin square is an extension of a Latin square and can simultaneously control three sources of nuisance variability. The following aspects of this model will be discussed: a brief history, estimation and ANOVA, use for the analysis of experimental data (example with R code given), model generation and a test for non-additivity. An R example of the Hyper Graeco-Latin square model, which extends the Graeco-Latin square to controlling four sources of nuisance variability, will also be discussed.

    Keywords: Graeco-Latin, Euler, mutually orthogonal, non-additivity, design generation, Youden square, Hyper Graeco-Latin, Replications.

    Pages: 211 – 220 | Full PDF Paper