• IL-13 Polymorphism (IL-13 rs1800925 (-1055) (C/T) is Associated with Severe Hepatic Fibrosis in Human Schistosomiasis

    Siddig A.Rahoud, Adil Mergani, Ammar H. Khamis, Osman K. Saeed, Qurashi Mohamed-Ali, Christophe C., Alain J. Dessein, and Nasr Eldin M. A. Elwali

    Abstract: An association study of a cohort of 177 Sudanese patients infected with Schistosoma mansoni {82 (46%) males and 95 (54%) females} was conducted to investigate the correlation of four polymorphisms {IFN-g rs2069705 (C/T), IFN-g R1 rs11914 (G/T), rs1327474 (A/G), and IL-13 rs1800925 (-1055) (C/T)} to the regression and progression of liver fibrosis 39 months after treatment with praziquantel (PZQ). Regression and progression phenotypes were evaluated by ultrasound. DNA from patients infected with S. mansoni was extracted, purified and amplified by PCR. Allelic typing was done using RFLP, primer extension reaction, DHPLC, and allelic discrimination assays (TAQ-MAN). SDS (Sequence Detection Systems) software was used for genotyping. There was an association between IL-13 rs1800925 T allele and the low grades of periportal fibrosis (PPF) (P = 0.02). No significant association was found between three polymorphisms (IFN-g rs2069705 (C/T) P = 0.5, rs1327474 (A/G) P = 0.3 and IFN-g R1 rs11914 (G/T), and PPF as response to PZQ. We conclude that IL-13 rs1800925 T allele is protective against PPF (P = 0.02).

    Keywords: Periportal fibrosis (PPF), Regression, Progression, Praziquantel (PZQ), Polymorphisms.

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