1. Recovery of Zeolite 4A for the Depollution of Water of Rejections

    Mezouagh Amina, Mohamed Seghir Zahira, Belhouari Houria, Feddag Ahmed

    Department of Process Engineering, Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University, Mostaganem-27000, Algeria.


    The zeolites constitute a large family of inorganic compounds and have a remarkable molecular sieve effect thanks to the regular size of their pores, which thus excludes any molecule whose diameter is greater than that of the pores. 4Å zeolites are materials used in the gas industry in Algeria but this material becomes waste at the industry level. The latter generates an additional cost to the complexes of the gas industry, which must, by force of law, take in charge of their waste either by their own means or through the intermediary of qualified services. The zeolites used in the dehydration section for liquefied natural gas become waste as soon as they are saturated and after several regeneration.

    The purpose of this work is to recover these industrial wastes (zeolites 4A), which are subjected to various analyzes and experiments, with a view to recovering industrial waste in order to give it a second life, Adsorption of organic compounds (methanol and ethanol). The experiments are carried out in discontinuous system (batch). The influence of several parameters such as the contact time, the granulometry and the mass of the adsorbent on the adsorption rate will be presented.

    Keywords:  Depollution, Zeolite, Organic compounds, Methanol, Ethanol.

    Pages: 93 – 102 | Full PDF Paper