• In Vivo Anti-Inflammatory Potentials of Plantago ovata on Albino Male Mice

    Assist. Lec. Saja Ali Shareef 1 and Mohamednoruldin Dh Hazim2

    1. Department of Medical Techniques Laboratories/ Al-Farabi University College/Baghdad, Iraq.
    2. Department of Molecular and Medical biotechnologh/College of biotechnology/Al-Nahrain University/Baghdad, Iraq.


    The researches show that used of herbal medicine in the treatment of diseases increases every day. In the past, medicinal plants are believed traditionally to be a therapeutic agent for the treatment of  a number of diseases such as typhoid, cholera, measles, etc.

    A study was investigating the burn healing effect of aqueous extract of Plantago ovate “Isabgol” seeds. The extract was used as an ointment to cure the wound in briefest (shortest as it possible time with minimal pain), discomfort and scaring to the patients in comparison to standard Silverin ointment by Switzerland.

    The result of burns healing effect indicated that the Plantago ovata possessed less day to recovery lesions in skin in comparison with positive control (silverin cream) and negative control (without any treatment) (15, 18, 24 day) respectively. All these effect due to the presence active chemical constituents in plant (flavonoid, caffeic acid derivatives, terpenoids, vitamins, iridoid glycosides, fatty acids, polysaccharide, alkaloid).

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