1. Use of Administrative Sources for Statistical Purposes: The Case of Jordan

    Mohammad KHALAF

    Head of Quality Division, Department of Statistics, Amman, Jordan.
    Department of Statistics, Amman, Jordan.

    Abstract: The administrative sources of data save time, money and provide valuable statistical data for different uses. This paper overviews the use of administrative sources for statistical purposes in Jordan. The use of administrative sources is utilized currently in different statistical fields. The use of administrative sources started in Environmental statistics and economical accounts with the cooperation with governmental bodies regarding these two targets. The administrative sources increased with time to improve the statistical performance in other fields such as foreign trading in cooperation with Jordanian Customs Directorate. These administrative sources are considered partners in these fields. Moreover, the civil registration records were used for statistical purposes. The future work will concentrate on restricting administrative sources national wise that can be used for statistical purposes to build national strategy for the use of these sources.

    Keywords: Administrative sources, Statistical purposes, National Strategy.

    Pages: 153 – 156 | Full PDF Paper
  2. q-Multivector fields and q-forms on Weil bundles

    Olivier MABIALA MIKANOU, Borhen Vann NKOU, Basile Guy Richard BOSSOTO

    Université Marien NGOUABI , BP: 69, Brazzaville, Congo.

    Abstract: Let M be a paracompact smooth manifold of dimension n, A a Weil algebra and M^A the associated Weil bundle. In this paper, we define the Schouten-Nijenhuis bracket on the C∞(M^A, A)-module X*(M^A) of multivector fields on M^A considered as multi-derivations from C∞(M) into C∞(M^A, A) and we show that the exterior algebra X*(M^A) of multivector fields on M^A is a Lie graded algebra over A. To finish, we estabish an isomorphism between X^q(M^A) and the C∞(M^A, A)-module Lalt^q(Ω(M^A, A), C∞(M^A, A)) of skew-symmetric multilinear forms of degree q onto the C∞(M^A, A)-module Ω(M^A, A) of differential A-forms on M^A.

    Keywords: Weil bundle, Weil algebra, Multivector fields, Schouten-Nijenhuis bracket.

    Pages: 157 – 166 | Full PDF Paper