• To Theory One Class of Three-Dimensional Integral Equation with Super-Singular Kernels by Tube Domain

    Nusrat Rajabov

    Tajik National University, Research Institute, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

    Abstract: In this work, we investigate one class of three-dimensional integral equation by tube domains, are in power basis and lateral surface and way have super-singularity. In depend of the roots of the characteristic equations (2), (3) integral representation manifold solution is obtained in an explicit form. In the case, when parameters present in kernels, such that general solution integral equation contain arbitrary functions, invers formula is found. On basis obtained integral representation and its invers formula , in the case when general solution integral equation contain arbitrary functions, determined correct stand Dirichlet boundary valued problem and found its solution.

    Keywords: Integral representation, super-singular kernels, invers formula, three-dimensional integral equations, Dirichlet type boundary value problem.

    Pages: 309 – 322 | Full PDF Paper