• On Various Properties of δ-Compactness in Bitopological Spaces

    Sanjoy Kumar Biswas, Nasima Akhter

    Abstract: By introducing the notion of δ-compact Anjali Srivastava and Sandhya Gupta in paper (A. Srivastava and S. Gupta 2005) obtained the generalization of various results of Park in a paper (Herrington and Long 1975 and Park 1988). In this paper, we introduce the concept on various properties of δ-compactness in bitopological spaces.

    Keywords: H-closed spaces, net, ultranet, w-limit point, w-closure, δ-compact bitopological spaces, bitopological spaces, δ-Hausdorff bitopological spaces, θ-compactness.

    Pages: 28 – 40 | Full PDF Paper