• Method for a Solution to Some Class of Quasi-Static Problems in Linear Viscoelasticity Theory, as Applied to Problems of Linear Torsion of a Prismatic Solid

    Latif Kh. Talybly, Mehriban A. Mamedova

    Abstract: Two theorems that reduce solutions of the general quasi-static problem of linear viscoelasticity theory to a solution of the corresponding problem of elasticity theory are proved. These theorems hold if one of the following conditions is satisfied: 1) the material is close to a mechanically uncompressible material; 2) the mean stress is zero; 3) the shift and volume hereditary functions are equal. The theorems provide free direct and inverse transforms between solutions of viscoelasticity and elasticity problems, which makes them convenient in applications. They have been applied to solutions of problems on the pure torsion of a prismatic viscoelastic solid with an arbitrary simply connected cross section. Some examples describing the obtained results have been considered.

    Keywords: viscoelasticity, quasi-static problems, exact solutions, torsion problems.

    Pages: 343 – 356 | Full PDF Paper