• Integration of Geogebra in Teaching and Learning Geometric Transformation

    Niroj Dahal, Dinesh Shrestha and Binod Prasad Pant

    Kathmandu University School of Education, Department of STEAM Education, Hattiban, Lalitpur, Nepal.

    Abstract: This paper discusses the use of GeoGebra in teaching geometric transformations. As GeoGebra is an interactive geometry, algebra, statistics and calculus application of mathematical software is very essential from school to university level to foster mathematical experiments and discoveries. Also, the contribution of this paper was a reflection of several specific examples of transformation namely reflection, rotation, translation and dilation for teaching mathematics to sixteen students in one of the secondary schools of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Subscribing teaching experiment as qualitative research methodology, this paper deals with the implementation of GeoGebra in six episodes, we have used adequate illustrations, pictures and animations of objects using GeoGebra to make abstract concepts of transformation visible to the students. The result of experiment shows that GeoGebra is helpful in teaching and learning the abstract concepts of transformation. Findings of this study show that if GeoGebra is used in mathematics classroom, students could become an active constructor of knowledge. Similarly, they collaborate with each other, visualize the process of transformation, and enjoy their authority in such classes. It acts as an important educational tool so as to support the traditional lecture-method of teaching mathematics that shifts education system from teacher centered to learner centered.

    Keywords: Constructor of knowledge, GeoGebra, teaching of mathematics, transformation, mathematical experiment, teaching experiment.

    Pages: 323 – 332 | Full PDF Paper