• Inspection of an Underground Shollar Drinking Water Reservoir and Strengthening of a Design Taking into Account Square Ecology

    T.Aliyev1, N.Mastanzade2, M.Mirzoev2, Kh.Rasulov2, N.Sultanov3

    1. Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, Baku, Azerbaijan.
    2. Research and Design Intitute of building materials after named S.A.Dadashev, Baku, Azerbaijan.
    3. Azebaijan State Project Institute, Baku, Azerbaijan.

    Abstract: Historic facts of design and construction of the region’s first industrial tank for drinking water are given in article. For strengthening of a design use of carbon fiber tape and laminating superficial fittings on an epoxy basis was offered. Models of the walls strengthened by carbon fiber fittings were tested for tension and a bend. As a result of test linear deformations under loading are also defined necessary mechanical characteristics of composite material – the elasticity module, Poisson’s coefficient, the tension resistance, a support angle of rotation during a bend.  The tests are conducts in the experimental polygon of the Construction materials research institute.

    Keywords: drinking water reservoir, strengthening, carbon plastic, tension.

    Pages: 416 – 427 | Full PDF Paper