• Determinants and Consequences of Food Insequrity (The Case of Loma Bosa District, Dawro Zone)

    Damte Balcha Gadana

    Department of Plant Science, College of Agricultural sciences, Wolita Sodo University –Dawro Tarcha campus, Tarcha Ethiopia.

    Abstract: This study paper assesses causes and consequence of food in security as well as its determinants in Dawuro zone with in particular reference to Loma Bossa District. It was focus on hindrance factors of food security mainly with large family size, fragmented farming land, illiteracy and use tradition farming method in Loma Bossa District. The studied data requires collecting reliable information regarding food insecurity; data was collected from both primary and secondary data source. The primary data was collected from those individual which are highly affected by food insecurity through structured questionnaires. Regarding secondary data was collect from different research papers that have do on food in security and also the data was collect from relevant institution such as Loma Bossa district and Dawuro zone agriculture and rural development Office as well as published and unpublished data sources.

    Keywords: Determinants, Consequences, Food Insecurity, Case, Loma Bossa.

    Pages: 23 – 35 | Full PDF Paper