• The Perceived Effect of Extensive Reading on the Development of Students’ Reading Skills

    Semanur BÜYÜKYILDIZ, Gülsüm DURAN

    Teacher Trainees, ELT Department, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey.

    Abstract: There are four skills that students are supposed to gain while learning a language. Reading is one of these major skills and it is an important component in language learning. At the same time, it is closely related to the other language skills since the development of reading skill progresses simultaneously with the development of writing, listening and speaking. For instance, when someone learns how to write in target language, it means that he has already learned how to read in the language. As it is understood from this example, reading is a complementary element in learning a language.Therefore, classroom methodology in reading lessons plays an important role in the development of students’ reading skills.It shapes the students’ point of view to reading skill. Based on that, this paper aims to explain extensive reading that encourages students to read more and often by providing them to experience a wide variety of text types and in extensive reading, students do self-selected reading with only minimal accountability, writing brief summaries or comments on what they have read. (Krashen & Mason, 1997, p.91-102) Associated with this, the study also focuses on the effects of extensive reading on the development of reading skill depending on the attitude of students towards reading.

    Pages: 21 – 25 | Full PDF Paper