• N-S Equations and Relativistic Structures and Engineering Applications

    Wang Yiping1,2

    1. Zhejiang Quzhou Association of Senior Scientists and Technicians, Zhejiang Quzhou 324000.
    2. China • Qianjiang Mathematics and Power Engineering Institute, Zhejiang Quzhou 324000.

    Abstract: It is proposed that the Navier-Stokes (NS) equation is a high-power dynamic equation of infinite multiscale vortex flow and strong nonlinearity. It is a description of the stochastic parallel, serial, equilibrium, transformation and transformation of infinitesimal fluid elements. Defining a point state is a circular function of an infinite set of fluid elements and an infinite combination, establishing a logarithm of a dimensionless quantity that has a monotonicity, reciprocity, and isomorphism at the end of the state of the point, and constructs the theory of relativity (Logarithmically) . Perform circular log-power equations without exact fluid elements and solve them accurately. Engineering Applications: Solving the design and manufacture of long vortex vanes; creating a thermodynamic machine with bi-directional vortex internal vacuum negative pressure six programs to produce super-symmetrical new energy sources, physics called “vacuum energy” . There are 13 invention patents in China, such as “Engine”, “Generator” and “Vortex rotary machine”.

    Keywords: Fluid mechanics, Point-state, Relativistic structure (Logarithmically), Swirl vane, Supersymmetric energy.

    Pages: 210 – 233 | Full PDF Paper