• Spent Palladium on Alumina Catalyst Regeneration for Hydrogen Peroxide Production

    Muhammad Arshad Majeed , Dr. Shahid Raza Malik

    NFC Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research, Faisalabad Pakistan.

    Abstract: Catalysts used for the production of hydrogen peroxide deactivated more or less quickly with passage of time. Fixed bed reactor are designed for the production of hydrogen peroxide on large scale .There are many causes of catalyst deactivation, which may be the damage of active surface structure and dispersion, coke formation  and the contamination by various chemicals which adsorb on the active sites. Coke is the term used for these large molecules often containing polyaromatic rings and which partially covers the active sites, as well as may block the catalyst porosity Spent palladium on alumina catalyst is calcined to maximum of 200-300 degree C to open blocked pores of catalyst.

    Keywords: Regeneration, Calcination, Degradation, Palladium on alumina.

    Pages: 17 – 19 | Full PDF Paper