• Ischemic Resistance of Motor Axons in Children with Viral Meningitis and Guillain–Barré Syndrome

    Klimkin V. Andrey, MD, Voitenkov B. Vladislav, MD, PhD, Skripchenko V. Natalia, MD, DrSci, Professor


    Introduction: Nerve fibers in various pathological conditions are resistant to ischemia. In children, both in normal and in Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) effect of ischemia on neural conductivity is not investigated thoroughly. Methods: The effect of temporal local ischemia ofupper armon motor nerve conductionvelocity (MNCV) of the ulnar nerve in the healthy children (n=26), children with acute period viral meningitis (VM) (n=16), patients 14 days after the clinical manifestation of VM (n=11) and children with GBS in catamnesis (n=11) was evaluated. Results: Less pronounced decrease in MNCV on 10 minute of ischemia (by 50 % (p<0.00001)) was seen in children with GBS in catamnesis, comparing to the controls. In the acute period of the VM also less pronounced decrease in MNCV by 29%, than in the controls, was registered. Conclusions: Motor axons of the children in the acute period of VM and GBS are resistant to temporal limb ischemia.

    Keywords: Local nerve ischemia, Guillain-Barre syndrome, inflammation, motor nerve conductionvelocity, children.

    Pages: 165 – 173 | Full PDF Paper