• In vitro Evaluation of Cancer Chemopreventive Activity of Seriphidium herba-alba Extracts

    Mahmoud Mohamed Mokhtar1, Shawkey Seddik Ali1, Amira M. Gamal-Eldeen2, Mohammed El-amir Fathy Hegazy3, Hesham Mohamed Shaban1

    1. Biochemistry Department-Faculty of Pharmacy (Boys), Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.
    2. Biochemistry Department, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Division National research center, Cairo, Egypt.
    3. Chemistry of Medical Plants Department, Pharmaceutical and Drug Industries Division, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.

    Abstract: Seriphidium herba-alba family Asteraceae has been used in the folk medicine by many cultures for treatment of various ailments since ancient times, in the current research we were aiming to evaluate the cancer chemopreventive activity of two crude extracts of S.herba-alba ([A] CH2Cl2−MeOH (1:1) and [B] MeOH−H2O (7:3)) on two cell lines MCF-7 and Hep-G2. Assessment of cytotoxicity (MTT assay) indicated that both extracts were safe (IC50 >20µg/ml. GSTs activity was enhanced by treatment with three different doses of extracts. Analysis of cell mode of death revealed that apoptosis/necrosis ratio was >1 in MCF-7 and <1 in Hep-G2. Assessment of the anti-angiogenic effect of extracts showed that VEGF and PDGF levels were decreased, especially VEGF levels in Hep-G2, were greatly decreased. In Conclusion: both extracts may be cancer chemopreventive agents since they had anti- initiating activity via their enhancing of carcinogen detoxification, and anti-promoting activity via their anti-angiogenic effect and encouraging apoptosis.

    Keywords: Apoptosis, chemoprevention, GSTs, necrosis, PDGF, VEGF Seriphidium herba-alba.

    Pages: 1 – 16 | Full PDF Paper