• Dyeing of Stockings of Spandex/nylon Core Yarns with Disperse Dyes in Supercritical CO2 Fluid

    Li Zhenhua, Zheng Guanghong, Wu Kun, Ren Jianhua, Zheng Xiong, Bo Yan, Li Guoli, Huang Jun

    Chengdu Textile College, Chengdu, China; postcode: 611731

    Abstract: In the paper the dyeing of stockings made from spandex/nylon core yarns in supercritical carbon dioxide fluid (SCF) with disperse dyes that are affinitive to both components of the yarns is discussed. Dyeing result shows SCF functions well as a detergent in the stockings’ pretreatment including oil cleaning and inner-stress relief. As a medium, SCF can dissolve the dye and levelly add color onto the stockings at a relatively high yield with a given color fastness under a proper control of dyeing temperature, pressure and time. Color yield and fastness are subject to the dye applied. Color fastness can also be improved by removing unfixed dye from the stockings with SCF. The SCF dyeing method, which is water-free and environmental-friendly, is applicable and presents a good prospect in the dyeing of stockings made from spandex/nylon core yarns.

    Keywords: spandex/nylon stockings, dyeing, supercritical CO2 fluid, disperse dye, dyeing conditions and quality

    Pages: 1 – 10 | Full PDF Paper