• Status of the Management of Disused Sealed Sources in Madagascar

    H.F. Randriantseheno, Raoelina Andriambololona, R.J.L. Zafimanjato, T.H. Randriamora

    Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires (INSTN-Madagascar), Antananarivo, Madagascar.


    In Madagascar, Nuclear applications can provide significant benefits in various fields of medicine, agriculture, industry, research or other. However, some of these applications generate radioactive waste that must be managed well to avoid potential risks to people and the environment.

    On the legislative and regulatory framework, Madagascar has already a law on radioactive waste management (Law ° 97-041) and implementing regulations. These regulations will shortly be complemented by prescriptions and guides. If necessary, they will be updated to be consistent with GSR Part 3.

    In Madagascar, several disused radioactive sources were surveyed. Many of these sources have been characterized, packed, dismantled and returned to their country of origin. However, storage of these sources poses a big security problem because the national center for radioactive waste management and storage is not yet in place, even if this option is part of the priority countries. For now, the radioactive waste is stored in each user’s storage rooms.

    Temporary solutions have therefore been taken in particular:

    – The dismantling of devices containing sealed sources of the service (Case of brachytherapy machine)

    – Conditioning of radium sources (56 sources of Ra-226 needles),

    – Repatriation of sources of high activity (2 Sources of Cobat-60 used in radiotherapy) (SHARS)

    After the various missions carried out by the IAEA experts, partner countries and the local counterpart of the projects. The interim storage of these sources in a dedicated container in a secure location was chosen option.

    Keywords: Disused sources in Madagascar.

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