• Radioactive Waste Management System in Georgia (Ways for Development)

    G. Nabakhataini, V. Gedevanishvili

    Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Georgian Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection.

    Abstract: Georgia is small country situated on the territory of south Caucuses. The country gained difficult heritage for radioactive waste management after ruining of Soviet Union. The country had only one closed “Radon” type disposal and no other facilities to handle with radioactive waste. No administrative system was also established. At the same time Georgia had great problems with s.c. orphan radioactive sources. More than 300 of them were found and recovered. Operation of nuclear research reactor was stopped and decommissioning activity needed to start. All these factors has stipulated establishing and fast developing of radioactive waste management national system including construction of new facilities, upgrade the old one and establish necessary administrative system.

    Pages: 387 – 393 | Full PDF Paper