• How Average Operating Pressure Impacts on Infrastructue Leakage Index

    Elaheh Rastegari

    Non Revenue Water Office, Fars Water and Sanitation Company, West Ghodousi, 7186898465, Shiraz, Iran.

    Abstract: Over the past decades, many performance indicators have been developed for water utilities to track their system performance. Since the level of water losses from potable water distribution systems is one of the key efficiency issues, it would be expected that reliable performance indicators are used for benchmarking. To demonstrate the use and value of the benchmarking performance indicators, a system dynamics model is used to present a case study for 78 water utilities in Fars provience, Iran. The importance of managing distribution systems to maintain pressures in sustainable range is widely recognised as a fundamental aspect of leakage management strategy.

    Keywords: Non Revenue Water, Real loss, Pressure, Leakage

    Pages: 94 – 103 | Full PDF Paper