• Diversity of Epiphytic Lichen in University of Phayao, Thailand

    A. Pitakpong

    Department of Environmental Health, School of Medicine, University of Phayao, 19 village no. 2 Maeka Sub-district, Muang District, Phayao Province, 56000, Thailand.

    Abstract: The diversity of lichen in University of Phayao, Thailand has been surveyed and documented by collecting throughout the rainy seasons from May to October 2018. The lichen samples were randomly taken from the bark of trees. The species of lichen were identified and grouped on the lichen growth. 210 samples of total lichen were taxonomically classified based on anatomical, morphological and chemical constituent substances by spot test, ultraviolet and thin layer chromatography, divided to two groups and identified of 8 families 16 genera and 36 species. 6 families 11 genus and 29 species of crustose were found. Most of the frequency families of crustose were Graphidaceae (14 species), Lecanoraceae (6 species), Trypetheliaceae (3 species), Physciaceae (3 species), Pertusariaceae (2 species) and Chrysothricacea (1 species), respectively. Two families 5 genera and 7 species of foliose were found. The families of foliose were Physciaceae (5 species), and Parmeliaceae (2 species). This is a key for identification of lichens in plant genetic conservation area at University of Phayao.

    Keywords: Lichen, diversity, University of Phayao, Thailand.

    Pages: 259 – 268 | Full PDF Paper