• The Non-commutative Geometry on the Compactification of Matrix Model

    E. Diaf

    Equipe de Physique, Laboratoire OLMAN RL, Faculté  Pluridisciplinaire, Nador.
    Département de Physique, Faculté Pluridisciplinaire de Nador.
    SIMo-LAB, Département de la physique, Université IBN TOFAIL.

    Abstract: Using the harmonic analysis of the three and two spheres, we study the compactification of the IKKT model on this spheres surface. Like the tori and orbifolds, we show that there exists here also a possibility to see clearly the compactifications of matrix models of M-theory on non commutative geometry.

    Keywords: Matrix Model; Non-commutative geometry, compactification.

    Pages: 108 – 121 | Full PDF Paper