• CNI-1493 Administration Improves the Efficacy of Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes

    Salem Ramadan Sariti, Sabine Specht and Achim Hoerauf


    CNI-1493, is a synthetic guanylhydrazone with anti-inflammatory properties. The most important application of CNI-1493 is the treatment of Crohn’s disease. Adenovirus expressing ovalbumin (AdOVA) induces an increase, as a short peak, of IL-12 shortly after administration, and increased ovalbumin-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte cells.

    Aim of study: To evaluate the safety and immunological effects of the CNI-1493 on the in vivo activity of cytotoxic T lymphocyte cells (CTLs), by using AdOVA immunized C57Bl/6 mice.

    Materials and methods: AdOVA were given i.v. at the same time point to two groups of naïve C57Bl/6 WT mice; Gp1: Received CNI-1493, AdOVA and target cells and Gp2: Received AdOVA and target cells. In addition to the above two groups, a control group (Gp3): Received target cells (Neither CNI-1493 nor AdOVA). Five hours, after the target cells administration, the spleens were taken out of the experimental groups and homogenised in 1xPBS. The ratio of lysed target cells was determined by flow cytometry

    Results: The OVA specific lysis of target cells in immunized C57Bl/6 mice of the experimental groups were 47.2% in G1 and 81.3%  in G2.

    Conclusion: CNI-1493 is compound which is safe and undamaging to the immunological function of the cytotoxic T lymphocyte cells.

    Keywords: CNI-1493, ovalbumin, specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte cells, and immunized C57Bl/6 mice.

    Pages: 329 – 337 | Full PDF Paper