1. DT – Space

    Majd Hamid Mahmood

    Department of Mathematics, Collage of Education, Al-Mustansirya University, Baghdad, Iraq.

    Abstract: In this search we define a new type of topological space which is a DT-space, Define a DT-open, DT-closed sets, DTi-space, DTd-space  and study the relation between topological space and DT-space, give examples, define dual subspace of (X, *, DTx ), DT- neighbourhood system, then generalize the concept of continuity to DT- continuity between two DT-spaces, define a DT – homeomorphism with example.

    Keywords: General topology, dual topology (DT- topology), dual open set, dual continuous, dual homeomorphism.

    Pages: 413 – 419 | Full PDF Paper
  2. Steganography Secret Message Using Wavelet 2D Image Fusion

    Assist. Prof. Dr. Maisa’a Abid Ali K., Dr. Shatha Habeeb Jafer

    Computer Sciences/University of Technology, Iraq/ Baghdad.


    Steganography is the art of hide security data in any media as pictures, audio, video, text, and protocol,  also it can be empathy this secret connection.

    This research offers Steganography binary secret message of new algorithm to hide message into synthesized image by using Fusion image method to give high security. This system uses three phases in hide secret message: the first phase is used 2D wavelet image fusion between two images in level one (L1), level two (L2), and level three (L3), the second phase is applied db and Haar filters in L1, L2, and L3, and third phase is used Steganography binary secret message by using ASCII to converted each character in secret message in binary number and hide into image , it can be hide each bit in one location in LSB for selection the location by using secret key which rely on the  equation: 2n +1 to found position of hide one bit from secret message x synthesized image.

    The outcome of algorithm is efficient, capacity, transparency, and high security. The system is good in hide  secret message stego-image without sensitive for attackers.

    Keywords: Steganography, Image Fusion, Image Synthesized, secret message, Secret

    Pages: 420 – 432 | Full PDF Paper