1. A Simple Two Steps Synthesis of Diallylation From Aldehyde

    Khidir Tajelseir Othman1, Nibras Ahmed Elaas, Rehab Mobark Osman, Yingpeng Su, Ke-Hu Wang, Weigang Zhang, Dangfeng Huang, Yulai Hu*

    *College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou.
    1Department of chemistry Faculty of Education, University of Gadarif Sudan City, China.

    Abstract: A new synthesis method of diallyl alkyl carbinols from the reaction of aldehydes with allyl bromide, was prepared by using tin as catalyst, and jone’s reagent as Bridge to synthesis diallyl alkyl carbinols in just two steps and a very simple method.

    Keywords: diallyl alkyl carbinols, jone’s reagent, allyl promide.

    Pages: 57 – 62 | Full PDF Paper
  2. The Stomatal Characteristics of Cheirolepis section of Centaurea Genus (Asteraceae) and Its Relatives in Turkey

    Burcu YILMAZ ÇITAK, Hüseyin DURAL

    Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Selçuk, Konya, Turkey.

    Abstract: The present study reveals the stomatal characteristics of Centaurea genus of Cheirolepis section and its relatives. The levels of stomatas of taxa were detected as mesomorphic and also the stomata type were determined as anomocytic or anizosytic in studied taxa. The epidermis were showed polygonal in shape and their anticlinal cell walls are straight or undulating. This arrangement was stable in the same taxon. However, it was different in point of adaxial and abaxial surface. The stomatal index were calculated and confirmed close values in taxa.

    Keywords: Centaurea, Cheirolepis, Stomata, Pseudoseridia, Plumosipappus, Pteracantha.

    Pages: 63 – 77 | Full PDF Paper