• Separation of Medical Nanopowder from the Natural Minerals by Supercritical CO2



    Nano-sized medical raw material has been derived from the medical quality natural spar (CaCO3) without the use of chemical salt. The theoretical basis of the method consists in the transferring and keeping CO2 to a supercritical state during thermo-chemical processing of the spar at 900-950°C. The supercritical CO2 has a form of solid solution that holds the properties of both gas and solid. Afterwards, with dissolving it in the animal milk, the solution is equalized by the solvent’s expansion with the decrease of temperature and creates amorphous crystal nanopowder. The size of the resultant product determined by both factors.

    Keywords: Supercritical CO2, saturated gas, nanopowder, spar, amorphous crystal.

    Pages: 207 – 214 | Full PDF Paper