1. Applications of Bio-Liquid Organic Fertilizer (bio-lof) to Increase the Growth and Production of Corn (zea mays (l))

    Yulensri1, Misfit Putrina2 , Kresna Murti3

    1. Department of Food Crops, Payakumbuh Agricultural Polytechnic, West Sumatera Jl. Raya Negara KM 7 Tanjung Pati, Telp. (0742) 7754192- (0752) 7750220.
    2,3. Department of estate Crops, Payakumbuh Agricultural Polytechnic.

    Abstract: To face global competition, Indonesia must be able to increase the competitiveness of agricultural products by reducing production costs, increasing quality and productivity and developing environmentally friendly technologies such as the application of liquid organic fertilizer combined with biological fertilizers (bio-lof) which can be functioned as organic fertilizers and biological fertilizers. Liquid Organic Fertilizer is produced using cow urine ingredients, Gliricedia and titonia leaves and coconut coir. While the biological fertilizer added is a consortium of bacteria Serratia marcecens, Pseudomnas fluorescens and Bacillus thuringiensis. The research aims to find out the bio-lof application technique to increase corn growth and production. The design used is factorial randomized block design (RBD) with 3 replications, where the P Factor (bio-lof concentration) with 4 levels, namely P1 = without bio-lof, P2 = 25% concentration, P3 = concentration of 50%, and P4 = concentration of 75%,. Factor W (application time) with 3 levels, namely W1 = treatment of seeds + when planting + age 3 weeks + age 6 weeks, W2 = treatment of seeds + every week, W3 = treatment of seeds + every 2 weeks, so that it is obtained 36 trial plots. Application of bio-lof to corn crops can increase the number of leaves and production of corn crops by 42.2% compared without bio-lof application. The results showed that the effective and efficient bio-lof application technique is to use a 50% concentration, which is applied to the seeds, when planting in the planting hole and is repeated every 2 weeks.

    Keywords: Bio-Liquid Organic Fertilizer (BIO-LOF), Serratia marcecens, Pseudomnas fluorescens, Serratia marcecens, Pseudomnas fluorescens, corn.

    Pages: 285 – 295 | Full PDF Paper
  2. The Disdain Importance of Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Drinking Water in Pandemic Control

    Arturo Solís Herrera, MD, PhD.

    Human Photosynthesis© Research Centre, Aguascalientes 20000, México.

    Keywords: Melanin, coronavirus, Hydrogen, Oxygen, energy, alveoli.

    Pages: 296 – 299 | Full PDF Paper