1. Bayesian Estimation and Prediction for Chen Distribution Based on Upper Record Values

    M. Faizan and Sana

    Department of Statistics and Operations Research, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh – 202 002. India

    Abstract: Chen (2000) was proposed a two-parameter Chen distribution. This distribution has a bathtub-shape curve or increasing failure rate function which enables it to fit real lifetime data sets. This paper provides maximum likelihood estimates and Bayes estimators of the two unknown parameters of Chen distribution based on upper record value. Finally we have obtained prediction intervals for future observations. Numerical computations are given to illustrate the results using R software.

    Keywords: Bayesian inference; Independent gamma prior; Bayesian estimation; Maximum likelihood estimation; Bayesian prediction; Record values; Record times.

    Pages: 235 – 243 | Full PDF Paper
  2. Fuzzy m- β-Irresolute Function

    Anjana Bhattacharyya

    Department of Mathematics, Victoria Institution (College), 78 B, A.P.C. Road, Kolkata – 700009, India.

    Abstract: In [3], fuzzy m-β-open set is introduced. Using this concept as a basic tool, in this paper we introduce β-irresolute function in fuzzy m-space, termed as fuzzy m-β-irresolute function. Afterwards, it is shown that fuzzy m-β-irresolute function is fuzzy m-e*-continuous function [3] as well as fuzzy almost e*-continuous function [3], but not conversely. Lastly some applications of this newly defined function are given.

    Keywords: Fuzzy m-space, fuzzy m-β-open set, fuzzy m-e*-open set, fuzzy m-β-compact space (set), fuzzy m-β-irresolute function.

    Pages: 244 – 255 | Full PDF Paper