• A New Type Polymer Sorbents for Gold Sorption from Acid Solutions

    I.A.Aliyev, A.A.Azizov, U.I.Yaqubova, N.M.Sadikhov

    Abstract: This study evaluated the simple methods to improve the sorptional capability of polymeric sorbent to gold (III) ions. The polymeric sorbent is produced on the basis of phosphochlorinated industrial synthetic butadiene rubber SBR, as a result of the modification thereof by an oxidative chlorophosphorylation. In order to improve sorption efficiency of sorbents to gold ions, the non-covalent immobilization of organic sulfur containing compound to the polymer matrix was carried out. The gold embedded polymer matrix was characterized by SEM, EDX, XRD and visible absorption spectroscopy. The obtained results indicated that the polymeric sorbent contained metallic form of zero-valent gold. It was found that the average particle size of elemental gold crystals was 28, 31 nm. These results support that the sorption of gold ions by non-covalent organic sulfur compounds immobilizated polymer sorbent could be an alternative method for recovery of metallic zero-valent gold from gold solution.

    Keywords: Sorption, Nanogold, phosphochlorinated polymer.

    Pages: 35 – 43 | Full PDF Paper