• A New Natural Treatment Method for Humans “Treatment with Soil”

    Saracoglu Ibrahim Adnan, Kübra Çakır

    ITOB OSB 10020 Street.No:18, Izmir, Turkey.


    The most well-known natural complementary and alternative treatment methods include herbal treatment, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, apitherapy, homeopathy, massage therapy, naturopathy.

    The “Treatment with Soil” method was first proposed by Saracoglu I. A. Widely recommended by physicians, it is recommended “to walk in the fresh air, to walk in the forest, to go to the region where you were born and raised, to breathe the air, to drink from the spring waters.” In the light of these and similar recommendations, “Treatment with Soil” was put forward as a brand new natural treatment method as a result of the research of the underlying causes by Saracoglu I.A.

    How to prepare, inoculate and irrigate the soil in our daily living environments (for example, the soil of any plant we grow in the office or home environment) is explained respectively. The aim is to utilise the complementary, supportive and preventive therapeutic power of the “volatile organic compounds VOC” secreted by streptomyce soil bacteria by introducing them into our living environments whose air we breathe.

    Below you will read the story of the development of the “Treatment with Soil” method proposed by Saracoglu I. A.

    Pages: 9 – 16 | Full PDF Paper