1. Impact of Seasonal Low on Sea Level Rise

    Mirza Jawwad Baig* and M. Jawed Iqbal*

    Institute of Space & Planetary Astrophysics (ISPA), University Of Karachi.

    Abstract: Every region around the globe has its unique climatic conditions which are set based on different orographic constant and atmospheric dynamic features. These features posses’ variability on different time scales. Determining the local sea level change based on terrestrial non-tidal, short-term variability is complicated. Some ocean internal mechanisms’ are also taking place along with the external physical ones. We show that variability at Sindh-Baluchistan coastal belt can be greatly explained via dimensional indices of the position and intensity of the atmospheric center of action (COAs). This technique has already proved its usefulness at number of location especially in Northern Atlantic. It takes into account the changes in the atmospheric pressure which is exerted on the sea surface influencing the variability in sea level on seasonal scale and on inter-annual basis. As warming causes thermal expansion of water it also cause changes in atmospheric circulation. Both of these processes affect the sea level variability on their respective time scales.  Atmospheric being the quicker one of the two to pass on the effect is also more influential to explain the variability in local sea level.

    Keywords: Sea Level, South Asia Low pressure, Indian Ocean.

    Pages: 59 – 70 | Full PDF Paper