• Counter Examples for Lemma 3.18 Of [1]

    Masomeh Aghamohammadi1, Mostafa Ahmadinejad2

    1. Department of Mathmatics, College of basic science, Karaj Branch, Islamic azad University, Alborz, Iran, P.O.Box 3-3-31485.
    2. Institute of Higher Education of A.B.A, Valiasr avenue, Abiyek, Ghazvin, Iran. P. O. Box 83533-34416.

    Abstract: In proof of Lemma 3.18 in [1] acclaim that, at least one of the eigenvalues of Grammian matrix G11 has distance n/(n-1) from {0, 1}. In this paper, we show by two counter examples that this claim is incorrect and we say state correct it with proof it.

    Keywords: Administrative data source, Administrative data documentation, Administrative data quality, Data source ontology, Statistical data production.

    Pages: 55 – 61 | Full PDF Paper