• Application of Critical Path Method (CPM) and Project Evaluation Review Techniques (PERT) in Project Planning and Scheduling

    Bodunwa, Oluwatoyin Kikelomo and Makinde, Jamiu Olalekan

    Federal University of technology Akure, Nigeria.

    Abstract: In the field of project management today, most projects face cost and time-runs which increase the complexity of project involved. This study presents an analysis of the critical path method (CPM) and the project evaluation review technique (PERT) in projects planning (a case study of FUTA post graduate building). This study used secondary data collected from SAMKAY Construction Company comprised of list on project activities. It highlights the means by which a network diagram is constructed from a list of project activities and the computation involved for each method. The CPM will enable project managers to evaluate the earliest and latest times at which activities can start and finish, calculate the float (slack), define the critical path. PERT will enable the project manager to approximate the probability of completing the project within estimated completion time. Then we apply both methods with the data collected, where the earliest time, latest time, and slack are calculated to get the completion day of 207days. Finally, we estimate the probability that the project will be completed within the estimated completion days to be 68.8% using PERT.

    Keywords: Network Analysis, CPM and PERT, Project Construction.

    Pages: 1 – 8 | Full PDF Paper