• A Group Art Project: Land Art in Dionysian and Apollonian Attitudes

    Assoc.Prof.Ph.D. C.Arzu AYTEKİN

    İzmir Dokuz Eylül University/TURKEY

    Examined in this research are the application process and produced designs of ‘Group Art Project: Land Art in Dionysian and Apollonian Attitudes’ titled “Establishing New Awareness with Land art in Art Education”, which is created and carried out at the bachelor degree level within the scope of project-based education by the project manager in Buca Faculty of Education, Fine Arts Education Department, Painting Main Art Studio Class of 3B Branch in 2016.
    This is a structured project. The question raised by this project is: Can we create new awareness in both students and the audience with lines and forms applied upon earth through land art using the application ‘Group Art Project: Land art in Dionysian and Apollonian Attitudes’ within the scope of Painting Main Art Studio Class
    This research includes, in line with qualitative research method and techniques, designs produced during the course of the project, an application process, observation of the stages of the project, content analysis and interviews. The project was completed in 4 stages. The first stage (Background Info) involves research and briefing seminars, the second stage deals with designing and determining the stages and, according to designs and arrangements, the natural material to be procured from natural sites and campus yard which will be utilized in the making of land art design; and the third stage consists of obtaining the natural material to be used in the project and formulate plans for their use; determining the practical use of the material; and visual presentations of sketch drawings displaying the first trials. Finally, the fourth stage is concerned with the findings relating to the reflections of the application of the project on the auditors and students.
    The chief purpose in the research is to contribute the respective field through an examination of the creation of new awarenesses, which are to spring form a combination of the Dionysian and Apollonian attitudes – a combination of the ritualistic attitude of Dionysus who unifies with nature and ecstasies and Apollo’s rationality deriving from visuality and harmony -, a combination, in sum, of both the cognitive, order-seeking and imaginative, unconsciously-motivated aspects forming the philosophical and artistic background of land art.

    Keywords: Land art, Project-Based Education, Dionysian and Apollonian Attitude, Group Art Project.

    Pages: 9 – 20 | Full PDF Paper