• Wide-Range Tuner for Generators in THz Bands

    Alexander Denisov1, Jinghui Qiu2, Hao Liu2, Ming He3, Yang Xiong3, Fan Zhang3, Han Zhang3, Francesco Soldovieri4

    1. Department of Microwave Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, P.R.China, State Research Center “Iceberg”, Kiev, Ukraine.
    2. Department of Microwave Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, P.R.China.
    3. College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering, Nankai University, Tianjin300071, P.R.China.
    4. Istituto per il Rilevamento Elettromagnetico dell’AmbienteConsiglio Nazionale delle Recerche ,Napoli, Italy.

    Abstract: Before experiments can be conducted on new generation structures in the THz band when the level of power is small and especially the frequency are practically unknown correctly (or it has place some accidental character) it is necessary to have instruments capable of measuring weak signals in a wide-range frequency band. Receiving instruments for the above-described evaluations must be based better by one measuring block and not only in the limits of the intermediate frequency (IF) amplifier band. Best natural “candidate” for this task is Josephson junction (JJ) – it has super wide voltage electronic regulation on frequency by basic ratio 2eV = hω. JJ can be used as the criterion for a single-block super-wide band frequency-meter and as a sensitive element for the tuning the generation structures. Short description presents the realized innovative idea about simple tuner for generators in THz bands.

    Keywords: Josephson junction, unknown power, frequency measuring, sensitivity, electromagnetic radiation, terahertz band.

    Pages: 62 – 68 | Full PDF Paper