• A Synthetic Control Chart Reexpression Vector Variance for Process Multivariate Dispersion


    Abstract: A control charts Reexpression Vector Variance (RVV) can be used to monitoring the dispersion of multivariate process as an alternative to the control charts Generalized Variance (GV) is commonly used. The synthetic control chart RVV is built in a combination the standard control charts RVV (Shewhart class control chart) with the control chart of conforming run length (CRL). Average run length of the synthetic control charts VV be compared with the standard control charts VV, the standard control charts GV and the synthetic control charts GV. The result, the synthetic control chart RVV superior than standard GV chart, synthetic GV chart, and standard RVV chart to all of the condition change of the covariance matrix.

    Keywords: Multivariate dispersion, vector variance, conforming run length, average run length.

    Pages: 59 – 74 | Full PDF Paper