• Unitary Symmetry of Atoms, Molecules and Codons. Part 1. Introduction to the Unitary Symmetry for Everyone

    Vladimir Komarov

    Department of Chemistry, St Petersburg State University, St Petersburg, Russia.


    You want to study less and learn more? You want to remember less and understand more? You would like to explore a little bit of physics and chemistry, but to understand the biology, history, geography, economics, statistics? … If ΣYES ≥ 1 follow me

    When we build a house, first we are building a foundation. Imagine a house without a foundation can be easy. It is cave. You want to continue to live in a cave? You want to use the cave as a livelihood? … Do you want to die young, like our ancestors died? If Σ NO ≥ 1, follow me

    Symmetry is the foundation of knowledge. Many of you have no idea about this and exists, getting the pleasure from everyday events and life in general. But this is because very few people knew, they know now and will know in the future the chain and the correct sequence of laws and regularities arising from symmetry.

    However, many of you have heard about the geometric symmetry. You come across on the subway with symmetrical bodies every day and using the symmetrical objects you drive to work. But if you “to dig” deeper, you can discover asymmetric heart, not symmetrically located one liver, etc. These are the manifestations of the Broken symmetry. Broken geometric symmetry (symmetry in a system of geometric coordinates) is the impelling reason for Evolution, a stimulus to find reasons for the change or save the FORM of the object.

    But besides the geometric coordinates the parametric coordinates exists. This is the quantitative characteristics, of the object or process. Examples: weight, number of particles, the energy of electron detachment, the dielectric constant and the binding energy of atoms in the molecule, boiling point, solubility …

    The role of the object in this case is played by a specially selected set of objects (Hyperobject). Symmetry in the parameter space at first glance is not visible, but it is easily possible to find the ruler with the values of the measured parameter. It manifests itself in the form of saving the difference between separate parts of the Hyperobject (by the specially selected objects). Since the parameters of the object reflects its essence, the symmetry in the parameter space can be regarded as a reflection of the properties and the provision of the conservative element of Evolution.

    Broken Parametric Symmetry – it is an occasion to reflect on the chemical purity of the original elements and possible distortions in the hierarchical intervals energy interactions between the original components of combinatorial elements which assembled Hyperobject.

    The symmetry of this phenomenon of nature, clean, simple and accessible to everyone. This is a source to build a foundation of knowledge. It did not elaborate by mathematical turbid suspensions.

    The name “Parametric Symmetry” is more understandable to the general public in my opinion, but never before consumed. The name “Unitary symmetry” is widespread in theoretical community – a single, universal … Paying tribute to the founding father and the discoverer of this type of symmetry for elementary particles – M. Gell-Mann, I decided to leave in the title of his first-born value.

    This article is the first in a series of papers devoted virtually unknown to chemists (and even more so to biologists) phenomenon of Symmetries and Unitary symmetry, in particular. That is why I decided to start with a simple explanation of the physical meaning of this kind of symmetry. Then followed the second part, (who understand the theory of groups or want to “dive deeper”) – theoretical The next part will focus on the representation of the unitary symmetry applications in genetics, and other fields of natural science. Separate part will be devoted to the creation of databases of physical, chemical and biological data..

    I want to emphasize the fact that the idea of Symmetries underlie not only the various scientific disciplines. They are important for school educational disciplines which are extremely overcrowded by information. The introduction of concepts of Symmetry in school courses in physics, chemistry and biology will allow to compress the information flow to the level of study of the principles: Knowing some principles easily compensates ignorance of some facts (Claude Adrien Helvétius).

    Keywords: geometric symmetry, unitary symmetry, homology, combinatorics, invariants for molecules.

    Pages: 18 – 27 | Full PDF Paper