• Study of some Physical and Chemical Characterization of Treated Waste Water on Khartoum Refinery

    Dr. Salma Abdelghaffar Hassan Alamin1, Dr. Alawia Abdalla ELawad2, Prof. Imad-eldin Ahmed Ali Babiker3, Dr.Osman Mirghani Mohamed Ali4

    1. Environmental and Natural Resources and Desertification Research Institute (ENRDRI) Corresponding author.
    2. Alnelaneen University.
    3. Agriculture Research Cooperation (A R C).
    4. University of Khartoum.


    Khartoum Refinery (KR) is located north of Khartoum State.Water samples were collected in clean containers after treatment. Physical and chemical properties of treated water in the area were investigated. The pH and electric conductivity (EC) were measured using a pH meter and a conductivity meter, respectively. Percentage amount of oil and grease was measured using oil and extraction method with Soxlet apparatus. The concentrations of metal elements of the water, samples were measured using an atomic spectrophotometer.

    Results showed that the treated waste water at Khartoum Refinery was strongly alkaline (pH 9.7) electric conductivity (4.7 dS/m) and oil and grease of 1.6 mg/L. The chemical analysis of treated water revealed the presence in meq/l of Mg (26.1), Ca (18), Na (222.6), K (4.98), Fe (0.017), Cu (0.0063), Zn (0.024), Mn (0.0146) and Co while Cd and Cr were trace to nill.

    Pages: 121 – 125 | Full PDF Paper