• Structural-Parametric Model of Electromagnetoelastic Actuator for Nano- and Micromanipulators of Biological and Chemical Research

    S.M. Afonin

    Department of Intellectual Technical Systems, National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET), 124498 Moscow, Russia.

    Abstract: Structural-parametric model, parametric structural schematic diagram, transfer functions of electromagnetoelastic actuator are obtained. Effects of geometric and physical parameters of electromagnetoelastic actuators and external load on its dynamic characteristics are determined. For calculation of control systems with piezoactuators the parametric structural schematic diagram and the transfer functions of piezoactuators are obtained. A generalized parametric structural schematic diagram of the electromagnetoelastic actuator is constructed.

    Keywords: electromagnetoelastic actuators, piezoactuator, deformation, nano- and micromanipulators, decision wave equations, structural-parametric model, parametric structural schematic diagram, transfer functions.

    Pages: 55 – 71 | Full PDF Paper