• Properties of Gaziantep Pita

    Hatice Pekmez*, Betül Bay Yılmaz

    Naci Topçuoğlu Vocational School, University of Gaziantep, Gaziantep 27180, Turkey.

    Abstract: Bread is the most important food produced from wheat, which is the raw material of many foods. It is prepared by shaping and baking of the fermented or nonfermented dough obtained mixing flour, water and salt. In Turkish cuisine, bread has a great importance. The sacred bread is also the symbol of labor and fertility. It is the basic food stuff of the society because it is cheap, filling, it is a source of energy and it meets the protein need. One of the regional breads which has an important place in the traditional Turkish cuisine is Gaziantep pita. In 2017, the geographical sign registration certificate of the Gaziantep pita was awarded to Gaziantep which is among the UNESCO’s “Creative Cities Network” in the gastronomy field by Gaziantep Commodity Exchange. Gaziantep pita which is pertain to Gaziantep, well cooked, distinctive in appearance, smell and color, is produced by kneading of flour, water, salt and yeast, fermentation of dough, then shaping appropriately and baking in stone/ wood ovens. The purpose of this review is to give information about the basic components of Gaziantep pita and components’ properties, production stages, physical and chemical properties and shelf life of Gaziantep pita.

    Keywords: Gaziantep pita, components, production, properties.

    Pages: 41 – 47 | Full PDF Paper