• Investigation of Orthoptera: Insecta Fauna of Useful, Harmful and Predator Species in the Batman Region (Turkey)

    Mustafa İlçin

    Department of Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture, Bingöl University, Bingol, Turkey.

    Abstract: In this research, for exploration species of Orthoptera:Insecta fauna specially in Batman city and arround it; determination which types of them gives arm, which types profitable or predator between years of 2012-2015. A total of 550 specimens were collected at seven localities, representing 41 species and subspecies, 26 genera and five families of the order. Firstly determine and identification keys used for determining of species of them. Absence of a lot of studies about orthoptera fauna displayed an importance of our study. Species is which collected in cultivated area of Batman and generally becoming of this types as representative of the whole region became indication of the whole district and inclusive. As result of those datas also describe importance of zoographic aspect and also display aspect of relation of profit-harm which about agricultura and identification of profitable predator. The most important of this species; Tettigonia viridissima, Tettigonia caudata, Platycleis intermedia, Platycleis affinis, Platycleis escalaria iranica, Conocephalus fuscus, Conocephalus discolor, Saga ephippigera ephippigera, Gryllus bimaculatus, Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa, Oedipoda caerulens, Oedipoda aurea, Oedipoda miniata miniata, Sphingonotus caerulens, Sphingonotus caerulens caerulens, Sphingonotus caerulens caspicus, Truxalis robusta robusta, Nocaracris cyanipes, Arcyptera labiata, Calliptamus italicus, Calliptamus barbarus cephalotes, Calliptamus barbarus barbarus, Pyrgodera armata, Locusta migratoria, Dociostaurus maroccanus, Dociostaurus anatolicus. One of importance aspect of this study is that which types are harmful to which plants and specifically which organ and structure of plant effected, how effect stulfication of grow of plants displayed. Especially from aspect of people who gain from agriculture it is importance that culture and cereal plants at certain times ridden by types of Orthoptera, identify this types and damages of them became also indicatior of this study.

    Keywords: Orthoptera fauna, Agricultural Pests, Batman Region.

    Pages: 30 – 40 | Full PDF Paper