• Analysis Of Eucalyptus Oil Distillates Traditionally

    Diana Julaidy Patty, Grace Loupatty

    Abstract: Eucalyptus oil refinery in Namlea using water distillation (direct distillation method) where distillers process is the same as the desalination process for clove leaf. In this study, the raw material used eucalyptus leaves as much as 250 kg, without any treatment of the raw material. Calor average to heat the boilers on the first day and the second day 1371.69 Kcal and1499.54 Kcal. Results of laboratory analysis showed the quality of eucalyptus oil for refining and processing plant traditionally are quite popular among the public is used to show a significant difference. Distilling eucalyptus leaves (Melaleuca Cajuputi) produces eucalyptus essential oil, eucalyptus oil quality standards in Indonesia used SNI 06-3954-2006. For sample I (traditional) sineol content of 67.569%, the refractive index of 1.464, optical rotation 1.850, and a the specific gravity 0.849. For samples II (factory-made) Sineol Content 60, 186%, a refractive index of 1.467, -2.550 optical rotation, and a specific gravity of 0.845.

    Keywords: eucalyptus oil, heat, SNI, Sineol content.

    Pages: 295 – 302 | Full PDF Paper