• Vertical Distribution of Neuroptera (Insecta, Neuroptera) In Middle Black Sea Region (Çorum, Tokat, Amasya Provinces)

    Savaş CANBULAT1, Ayhan GÜLER2, Tariq A. M. TYEB3

    1. Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Kastamonu University, Kastamonu, Turkey.
    2. Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Hakkari University, Hakkari, Turkey.
    3. Faculty of Science Education for Elementary Schools, Kastamonu University, 37100, Kastamonu, Turkey.

    Abstract: Lacewing specimen was collected from 57 localities in in Middle Black Sea Region (Çorum, Tokat and Amasya province) of Turkey between the months of May-August 2015. Specimens were caught from different altitude biotopes coniferous trees, deciduous trees, ferns, shrub, herb, others type (open areas of forest, open steppes, under the bridge) and light trap. The ecosystem diversity and altitudinal variation were taken into account when localities were chosen. Altitudes, route tracks, and directions were recorded using a manual GPS device (Garmin). Live insect specimens were identified immediately after capture. If specimens could not be identified in the field, they were brought back to laboratory alive and killed with ethyl acetate (but Coniopterygidae specimens were killed in 70% alcohol and stored). All the lacewing specimens were pinned with their wings spread, then dried and preserved. Most of the lacewing samples were found in the coniferous trees, decidious trees. When the vertical distributions of the specimens were examined the most narrowly distributed species Chrysopa formosa, Chrysotropia ciliata, Nineta flava, Peyerimhoffina gracilis, Aleuropteryx loewii, Aleuropteryx umbrata, Sympherobius (Sympherobius) elegans, Wesmaelius (Kimminsia) ravus, Mantispa aphavexelte, Mantispa scabricollis, Delfimeus irroratus, Euroleon nostras, Macronemerus bilineatus, Myrmecaelurus trigrammus, Myrmeleon (Morter) inconspicius the most widely distributed species Chrysoperla carnea, Dichochrysa prasina.

    Keywords: Neuroptera, Turkey, Middle Black Sea Region, vertical distributions

    Pages: 525 – 533 | Full PDF Paper