• Three-Year Results of Experiment Aimed to Suppression Gray Mold (Botryotinia Fuckeliana) Using Software of Meterological Station

    Gordana Forgić, Vladimir Sabadoš, Gordana Mrdak, Jelena Perenčević, Tatjana Veselinović

    PSS Sombor, Staparski put 35, 25000 Sombor, Serbia.


    Strawberry is species attacked by a large number of disease and pests, one of the most important diseases which significantly affects the yield and fruit quality is Botryotinia fuckeliana, inducer gray mold. For its suppression fungicides  are used by application in  practice based mainly on developmental stages of strawberries without taking into account the biology of pathogens and weather conditions. That influences the occurrence and development of pathogens.

    The aim of testing is  to check the software that is based on recording the temperature, the length of wetting leaf and which, based on these data, shows the risk of a possible realization of pathogen infection by Botryotinia fuckeliana. Our objective was to determine the optimal time to protect strawberries from gray mold in relation to height of risk that software provides and phenophases of strawberry and thus reduce the number of  treatments.

    Keywords: strawberry, gray mold, meteorological station.

    Pages: 173 – 179 | Full PDF Paper