1. The Role of NGOs in Sustainable Environmental Management in the Lakes Region: The Case of GOLDOSK

    Fikret Yurtaslan1*, Zeynep Korkmaz1, Selcuk Comlekci1

    GOLDOSK, Goller Region Nature Sports Club.

    Abstract: The creature that constantly interacts with the environment and affects the environment is human. With the growing of industry and technology, sustainable environment and sustainable development concept emerged for solution and management of problems threatening the environment and ecology. Humanity has been constantly changing since its existence. Changing is an indispensable asset. But considering the size, conditions and consequences of change, In order for changes to be made to adversely affect the harmony of the environment,  the maintenance and continuity of the sustainable ones must be ensured. GOLDOSK as a Civil Public Community, has supported activities related to the importance of Eğirdir Lake, the water pollution which emphasizing that it threatens human health, community awareness. GÖLDOSK, as an NGO-nature association, nature walkers and hikers provide links to local people. This continuous education contributes to the conservation of water resources in the area.

    Keywords: Environment, public health, environmental awareness, sustainability.

    Pages: 105 – 107 | Full PDF Paper