• Optimization of Isolate Hybrid Photovoltaic and Wind Energy Instalations in Madeira Islands (Portugal)

    Izquierdo P.1, Vazquez V.1, Santos JM.1, Magro C.2

    1. Mechanical Engineering Dpt., University of Vigo, Lagoas-Marcosende, 36310, Vigo, Spain.
    2. Regional Laboratory of Civil Engineering, Govern of Madeira, Rua Agostino, 9000-264, Funchal, Portugal.


    This paper deals with the estimation of solar photovoltaic energy and wind energy potential in six defined climatic areas of the madeira archipelago. the areas are climatologically represented by the variables recorded in six meteorological stations (areeiro, funchal, lugar de baixo, ponta do pargo, são jorge, and porto santo) during the period 2002–2005. in order to make the conclusions of the study as general as possible, PV modules are supposed to be in the horizontal plane. an advantage of this arrangement is that the calculated PV production for square meter of module coincides with the pv production per square meter of horizontal land.

    Based on this study, this papers is also focused on the optimization of hybrid off-grid PV-wind systems. to facilitate the comparison of the systems, energy productions are given as specific values related to the square meter of horizontal land occupied by the systems. the DC PV electric generation per square meter of module (and horizontal land) in the sites of the stations was obtained in a parent paper. the wind electric generation is obtained from the wind daily data of the stations and considering an instantaneous weibull distribution.

    The paper ends advising about the best places for the use of solar photovoltaic in the region and the optimal combination of solar and wind energy installations. the results show that, from the technical point of view, the optimum percentage of pv power in the pv-wind hybrid systems varies from 44% to 91%, with a renewable energy coverage in the range of 91-93 percent of the total, and that, from the economic point of view, the best hybrid solutions are hundred percent PV.

    Keywords: solar photovoltaic energy, wind energy, hybrid installations, optimization, archipelago, Madeira.

    Pages: 265 – 280 | Full PDF Paper