• Isolation Entomopathogenic Fungi at Erzincan Province

    Engin KILIÇ

    Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Basic Pharmacy Sciences.

    Abstract: The first rule to develop new microbial control agents that may be alternnative to chemical pesticides in agricultural pests control are to isolate entomopathogenic fungi (EPF). EPF are originate from soil and microorganisms which are friendly to human and environment. In order to develop the new mycoinsecticides we have carried out a project between 2014-2016. Our aim was to isolate the insect pathogenic fungi found in agricultural land and invertebtrata. Soil samples were collected from agricultural areas (vegetable fied, fruit field, sugarbeet and barly-weat field) and other fieds (pasture, grassland and forest area). As a result we obtained 78 fungal isolates and fungal culture consit of the 63 isolates of Beauveria bassiana  (Balsamo) Vull. and 15 isolates of Metharhizium anisopliae (Metschnikoff) Sorokin. Factors affecting the occurence and distrubution of entomopathogenic fungi in 60 soil samples collected from cultivated and natural (forest, pasture) areas at Erzincan were examined. EPF were isolated from 18 of the 60 soil samples. We found however, an association between M. anisopliae and soil has been found from cultivated habitats. M. anisopliae found only cultivated habitats. We also isolated totatly 44 entomopathogenic fungi ısolates from insect that 29 ısolates of them is B. bassiana and 15 isolates from them is Metharzium anisopliae.

    Keywords: Isolation, Beauveria bassiana, Metharhizium anisopliae, soil, insects, Erzincan.

    Pages: 39 – 52 | Full PDF Paper