• Global Warming are We Missing Some Important Factors?

    Paul Somerville

    Independent Scientific Studies, Hartside Crescent, Blaydon on Tyne, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom, NE21 6HL.


    Finding solutions to (global warming) has never been more urgently needed, we are all aware of the devastating effects unfolding in our world today. Our atmosphere needs balance, we are sucking air out, faster than nature can replace it. The known process (plant cell respiration) is natures atmosphere builder, there are no other processes known to us for turning water into atmospheric gasses without any additional energy my paper investigates respiration in more depth.

    My research of energy, has found some interesting comparisons to natures building blocks, (cold fusion reactions by Renzo mondanini 2012) my paper investigates the importance of maintaining a balanced atmosphere, highlighting results from calculations, showing the vast amounts of air, we need to fuel our modern way of living, could we be overlooking the most important factor?

    As well as highlighting the causes of global warming, my paper investigates what we need to put in place to address the imbalances, proposing the unfolding of an experiment, (operation re-nature).

    Keywords: over use of oxygen, atmospheric gasses, operation re-nature.

    Pages: 53 – 60 | Full PDF Paper