• Teaching Statistics: School and Social Reality

    Võ Thi Lan


    Lenin once said that Statistics is one of the most powerful tools for social awareness. Statistics is an indispensable tool in the national economy. Managers rely on statistics in order to planning policies for economic development, given the factual basis for the management and operation of the business. No statistical information, government policies will lack factual basis which may lead to decision and policy mistakes.

    Statistical analysis is an important step indispensable in the fields of scientific research, especially experimental science. No statistical analysis, the study is not considered complete.

    In the analysis of corporate finance activities, economic policy analysis, macro-financial anallysis, statistical analysis models are scientific basis that provide more realistic in the formulation of management policies and business operation.

    There is no denying the significance of statistics and statistical contributions in the field of socio-economics. So, the statistical courses teaching and learning are needed to be properly awareness and these courses are designed to suit each learning object.

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