• Open Data at the Interface of Mathematics and Civics Education: Challenges of the Data Revolution for the Statistics Curriculum

    Joachim Engel

    Abstract: The availability of data of sheer unlimited scope and magnitude changes in radical ways our access to information. Open data nowadays are public domain via National Statistics Offices, UN agencies and NGOs like Gapminder, IPUMS etc. Powerful digital tools for visualizing complex multivariate data sets are available on the web. However, statistics education in schools and colleges lacks behind these developments. This paper examines implications of the data deluge for redesigning curricula that address the needs for active citizenship in the digital age. Besides the mathematics involved to understand the underlying statistics, exploration of data about society also addresses what certain values (equity, fairness, human rights, etc.) mean to students. This discussion can enrich the discourse in the classroom and engages students equally in context, content and statistics.

    Keywords: data deluge, statistics education, statistics curriculum, modeling.

    Pages: 264 – 273 | Full PDF Paper